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Delaware LLC with Registered Agent

Delaware LLC with Registered Agent

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A limited liability company (LLC) blends partnership and corporate structures. You can form an LLC to run a business or to hold assets. The owners of an LLC are members. LLCs protects its members against personal liabilities.

An LLC will be either:

  • A disregarded entity (for federal purposes), if it has only one member
    • Single member limited liability company (SMLLC)
  • A partnership, if it has more than one owner
    • Limited liability partnership
    • Limited liability limited partnership
    • Series limited liability company
  • An LLC being taxed as a corporation

An LLC must have the same classification for both Delaware and federal tax purposes.

Includes 1 Year Regd Agent Service.

No Business License Required
According to Section 2301(b) and (d) of our state’s code, Delaware LLCs not doing business in Delaware are not required to obtain a business license, register with the Department of Revenue, or pay Delaware’s gross receipts tax.

A person doesn’t need to live in Delaware to start an LLC in Delaware. The only physical requirement for Delaware LLCs is that the limited liability company must have a registered agent in Delaware.

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